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Play Harder

Play Harder

Listen Instead Of Reading Life Force I want to talk about the great Tony Robbins. One of my mentors and somebody I find has great value. He recently wrote a book called “Life Force”, but within this book, he talks about stem cells. He and I think a lot alike on the value of stem

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Hope For Pain-Free Joints

Improving Your Quality Of Life At Joint Repair Clinic of Montana, we put cushioning in joints to help people get rid of their pain and suffering, and improve their quality of life. Our hope is for pain-free joints. We have had people come to us with joint pain, and after we have analyzed them, we find

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Human Umbilical Cord Tissue - Blog Image

Human Umbilical Cord Tissue

Changing Lives In A Natural, Healthy Way Hi, I’m Dr. Spence Jahner from Joint Repair Clinic of Montana. Today, we’re going to talk about what we do in our office. There’s so many choices out there for joint pain, from physical therapy to drugs to surgery. We would like to show you what we do

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