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Life Force

I want to talk about the great Tony Robbins. One of my mentors and somebody I find has great value. He recently wrote a book called “Life Force”, but within this book, he talks about stem cells. He and I think a lot alike on the value of stem cells. Our treatments, involving stem cells, allow you to play harder, live happier, and stay healthier.

One advantage of some treatments we do at Joint Repair Clinic in Montana is some products that we use actually have stem cells. We use Human Umbilical Cord Tissue to re-cushion joints and to increase the motion in people’s joints.

Tony Robbins "Life Force"

One of the side effects of working with umbilical cord tissue for people’s joint cushioning is that they contain a lot of stem cells. If you want to learn more information about what Tony Robbins talks about with stem cells, please grab his book and read about it.

What Is The Difference Between Human Umbilical Cord Tissue and Platelet Rich Plasma?

Two of the products that we work with in our office are Human Umbilical Cord Tissue, and PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. What is the difference between them? Well, one thing is that Human Umbilical Cord Tissue can re-cushion the joints. PRP doesn’t re-cushion the joints, but can get rid of inflammation and brings in growth factors.

Are You Getting Your Tissue From Aborted Babies?

When we talk about using Human Umbilical Cord Tissue, one question often comes up is are you getting your tissue from aborted babies? One thing that’s very important for all of our patients to understand is based upon my value system and my faith life, I would never work with aborted tissue.

Happy healthy babies

The Human Umbilical Core Tissue we get comes from live births, healthy moms, healthy babies, and thoroughly tested tissue. The labs go through our tissue to make sure it’s the right product, and it’s a healthy product. It’s highly regulated by the FDA and they have superior standards. That was one of the most important things for me is that I learned about our labs. I just didn’t buy tissue from any old lab or any old office.

How Soon Can I Return To Work?

Another question our patients often have is how soon can I return to work? Or when can I do the things I love again, or will it will lay me up for a while? One blessing of the procedures we do is that literally the day you get your treatment, you can return to normal daily activities. You don’t have to be laid up in bed. There’s no missing work. There’s no loss of income because of not being able to work after we do our injection.

Month 1

For the first month after we do the injection, we’re going to have a specific rehabilitative training program we want you to do. And it’s going to involve a lot of range of motion, but we want you to take it easy, so we don’t re-injure the joint.

You should be able to live a normal day or a normal life, unless you have a profession that’s very hard on your joints. And if you do, we may ask you to take it easy. We’ve never had to tell anybody that they couldn’t work. We just have to modify how they work.

Month 2

Then in the second month, we want people to do more activity with weight, bearing on their joints. So now we want to step it up and they can do more things at work. And then the third month now we wanting to actually start going for it. We want to strengthen their joint and adding resistant exercises.

Month 3

Usually by month, three, people can do everything they’ve ever done before and do any of the sports or the things they’ve always enjoyed doing. Mostly, it might be one month of limiting. Some things you love doing month two and most people can do literally all the things they enjoy doing. By month three, we want to be cheering you on with a smile, doing the things you love doing, going forth.

It’s So Fun To See The Smiles

It’s always fun for us. When we do our follow-up appointments, we do follow-up appointments every month for three months after the injections and the procedures. It’s always fun to hear people doing the things that they used to do, that they thought they wouldn’t be able to do. It’s so fun to get to see the smiles on people’s faces, doing the things they love.

What’s even more exciting is when they give us feedback that they’re even better at doing the things they love. They’re able to hit the golf ball further. They’re able to walk more holes than they ever did. So very often people feel they’re younger than they ever were. And it’s nice to see people getting better as time goes on.

We See People Getting Younger As Time Goes On

One thing that I find so sad is that when people buy into the concept that getting older means your life has to get worse. And I’m here to tell you a Joint Repair Clinic of Montana that has never been further from the truth. We get to see people getting younger as time goes on, doing more things as time goes on versus less.

As somebody who studies anatomy and physiology, I’ve never once read where it says in any book that as you get older, your health has to get worse. By changing people’s lifestyles and doing the procedures we do, people can do more, they can play harder, and their life can get better. As time goes on, I look more forward to my life as time goes on, because hopefully I’m applying wisdom that I’ve gotten through all the earlier years of my life and improving my life as time goes on. So let’s all get older with a smile on our face.

Are You Ready To Play Harder? Connect With Us.

If any of this is hitting home with you, or at least got your interest, please reach out to us. We have clinics in Bozeman, Helena, Missoula, and Billings. We have a medical team that can answer questions for you. We have a lab that can answer questions for you. You can set up a one-on-one consultation with me over the phone, through zoom or in person.

We have a team that’s here too, to make sure we give you the resources so you can make the best decision for you. But we just ask you to take some time and research this stuff. Take the knowledge and apply it. And if you use knowledge, I’m confident you’ll make the right decision for you.

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